Meedoen is belangrijker dan winsten

Er was een tijd dat deelnemers aan quizzen op tv werkten bij ‘een grote gloeilampenfabriek in het zuiden des lands’. Nu is er Pymlico.

The FREE alternative brand for anyone wishing to show support for the biggest UK sporting event of the year!
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On Monday (14/5/12) I read an article in The Guardian about the Olympics, in which Lord Coe defended the need for pretty strict legislation relating to the use of official 2012 branding.

The whole article is worth reading, but one line stands out for me. He says the legislation is essential “in protecting the sponsors who come to the table with a lot of money to help us stage these Games”.

From a business point of view it’s an understandable sentiment, but it’s also one which leaves a great number of individuals and small businesses out in the cold all summer.

I think there’s room for everyone to benefit from, and show support for, the games without having to stump up a load of sponsorship.

I’ve created Pymlico, an alternative brand which can be used FREE by anyone wishing to support the event. Starting with the Olympic anagram Pymlico, which seems too good to ignore (even if it’s not the correct spelling!) I have incorporated some quaint English phrases into a couple of the poster designs and given the whole thing an upbeat, positive feel.
Roy McCarthy op de Pymlico-website

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