Waar is het internet?

De allereerste website staat weer online, lees ik op twitter. Een mooi moment om hier even een linkje neer te zetten naar een recente aflevering van het Canadese radioprogramma Ideas: Where Is The Internet?

Can you come up with an answer? Most of us can’t. And those who do have an answer – those in the field – often respond in technical language and with explanations that are intellectually counterintuitive. Barbara Nichol asks experts in the field a simple question: where is the Internet?

Close your eyes and imagine the internet. What’s the first image that appears?

From a neurobiology student: “I can’t imagine anything. It’s up in the sky.”

From a designer and art director: “An expanding void.”

From a psychiatrist: “A swirling fog of particles that pulse with light in a seemingly random pattern.”

From a contemporary art dealer: “It’s just air. No start. No finish.”

Beluister het programma via deze link: CBC Ideas: Where Is The Internet?